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When I arrived they had been long abandoned--
the Twin pitching in that bright empty room; 
the ship pitching on that bright empty sea.

Sited at the Center for Marine Simulation in St. John’s Newfoundland,
aboard a simulator retrofit as drone-ship command station, 
the game's narrator remembers their time living aboard the digital twin as engineer; 
as anchorite; as prisoner; as Solarist.

A point-and click interactive fiction game by Brandon Poole.
Featuring modular synth compositions by Mitch Renaud.  
Edited by Matthew Brummitt and Nicholas Poole.

The work was companion to the physical exhibition Blind Pilotage at the University of Toronto's Art Museum. It was produced during the postponement of the exhibition due to COVID-19 . 

Documentation and further information on the exhibition can be viewed here

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